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Sustainable Creativity

Pathfinder Ubuntu, a non-profit organisation, is the social impact arm of Pathfinder Africa Pty (Ltd), operating since 2004.


Our core values of integrity, passion, and collaboration are fueled by our inherent optimism that it’s Africa's time to rise and inspire the world.


We invest in social projects that inspire a new narrative. 


We collaborate and support creative communities in myriad
African countries.


We craft and deliver meaningful stories.

socal project

Social Projects

New narratives for
a New Africa

For the past 20 years, the art of storytelling has been our motivation to create powerful content for socially orientated brands and organisations.


Humanity, and clients that care, are our inspiration.  Where appropriate, we facilitate design-thinking workshops with communities and clients, that manifest in human centric solutions.


Our tools are video, photography, writing, and media campaigns that reach your audience. 


Exposure - Sisonke Boxing Club
Exposure - My Beautiful Home

Patrick Awuah - Ashesi University

Tippy Tap

Everyday Heroes

Vanishing Seeds
Guardian Article




Jonny Cohen


Jonny has been travelling and working across Africa extensively since completing an Economics degree.


His insights and connections into myriad African communities and markets across the continent, coupled with a street wise eye, and experience as an international creative director, are a valuable combination.


Jonny is an accomplished writer and photographer with his work published by a wide range of publications and channels.

+27 83 441 5449



Shona has more than 25 years experience working in the creative and client world.

The last 17 years has seen her expanding and experiencing all that Africa has to offer.


Her passion lies in client relationships, and she takes pride in delivering quality projects that exceed expectations.


From managing multi-African country immersions, and photo shoots, to shopping for drums in Ghanaian markets, her energy and enthusiasm runs high.

+27 82 569 8087

Screenshot 2022-12-20 at 10.46.52.png

Lene Overland

Lene has more than 20 years experience working cross Africa in the not for profit world. 


She is passionate about universal health care, women’s leadership, strategic communications and an advocate for the co-creation of thriving societies through hope based messaging, art and creativity.


Lene’s experience of good governance, strategy and operational excellence

adds depth and diversity and makes her a champion of strategic collaboration.

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